8 Steps to Overcoming Pornography Addiction

Pornography addiction is a major problem among muslims of all ages and backgrounds. This problem is destroying spirituality, relationships and even performance in work/ education. Below is a summary of the steps required to overcome this problem:

1.Admit that you need help

Many of those afflicted with this problem start to accept pornography as a normal part of life. However, the first step to resolving the problem is to acknowledge that a problem exists.

2.Accept that only Allah has the power to heal you

Allah states in the Quran “If Allah helps you none can overcome you, if Allah forsakes you who can help you thereafter. In Allah let the believers put their trust” (3:160).

Acknowledging that Allah is your Lord and you are His servant is a key psychological step in dealing with a psychological addiction. Every muslim states this but when we need to attain some strength we must contemplate and meditate upon this point.

3.Carry out a comprehensive self analysis

Hold yourself to account. Where are you in life? How is your emaan? How did you end up in this state? What good points do you have and where can you improve? What is holding you back from improving?

Be honest with yourself and set yourself some goals. Make sure these goals are realistic and achievable. Start working on these goals today!

4.Make sincere tauba/repentance to Allah

Allah loves it when we ask for his forgiveness. Be sincere in asking Allah for His mercy. List your mistakes in your mind and ask Allah’s forgiveness for each of these. Know and acknowledge that part of this process is to make a strong sincere intention to refrain from these sins in the future.

One way of asking forgiveness is to make fresh wudu and pray 2 rakah nafl and ask sincerely for Allah’s forgiveness.

5.Follow up tauba by action

Decide to act in order to avoid falling into pornography again. DO WHAT IT TAKES! If this means never surfing the internet alone or not watching television or throwing away your smart phone and getting a basic phone, then you must do what it takes. If this means staying from certain friends and then you must stay away.

Know this that when you give up something for the sake of Allah, Allah will give you something better in its place.

6.Go to sleep straight after Isha prayer

At night make wudu, read Isha prayer and then go straight to sleep. Do not stay up watching television, surfing the net or chatting to people.

7.Be consistent

You must be consistent in the changes you have made. Do not fall behind. Set yourself small targets and make sure you achieve these everyday.

8.Give charity/sadaqah

Giving charity is a good way to gain Allah’s forgiveness and mercy. Give whatever charity you can when you can. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount. Every penny and every small gesture can be a charity.

When you give charity try to give it secretly and do not tell others about this. You want all your reward to come from Allah not as acknowledgment from other people.

If you require mentoring on your journey to recover from this addiction please complete the contact form below. Appointments are held on Skype and the fee is £30 for a half hour appointment. May Allah bless you and heal you from this problem.


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